WWJD re-reduxed

May 19, 2011

A friend of mine asked me @ this whole Camping prediction of Judgement Day being two days away. Here was my short-but-sweet answer:

First of all, I believe that all of the NT was finished being written by 70 AD (as opposed to most Xns who think Rev was written @ 90 AD). Second, in my opinion, if #1 is true, then I believe the expectation of Jesus’ coming that he predicted in Matt 24 was about the destruction of Israel and the removal of the Temple (Old Creation); if both of these are true, then the majority of the NY letters when talking about Jesus’ coming and paying back the enemies of his people, the Church, are talking about that. Third, the “coming” that Jesus talked about was not to end the physical world as most think, but judgement against Israel and for the church and this is what Revelation is about: God is divorcing his whore of a wife, Israel and taking a new bride (New Creation in Rev 21). Fourth, as Rev discusses, a 1000 year period of time (symbolic of OT periods of time between the building and rebuilding of the Temple: Solomon’s–>Herod’s=1000 years [pretty sure that’s right]) will elapse wherein the Kingdom of X will grow and flourish culminating in the final judgement of all mankind (of which the previous one against Israel was a miniature). Fifth, the fact that Jesus’ words @ his coming to judge Israel came true, one can then trust that his judgement of all mankind at the final resurrection will come to pass as well. Finally, what this means is that Camping is looking at prophecies that have already happened and applying to fit his scheme and so he is wrong. Finally, finally, the prophets look for a time when the whole world will be filled with the knowledge of the Lord and where Jesus will defeat all his enemies including death; since this hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen by Saturday, he ain’t coming back for quite a long time!!!! Thanks for asking, that was fun!


Here is some good PCA work in the area of defending Santa Cl….err, I mean, Christmass.


We stayed home today and went to worship with my mother-in-law as she was left alone by a husband who went a-hunting.  So we decided to keep her company (as if the past three days of a house full of 20+ people weren’t enough).  Little did I know the landmine of a sermon I would get!  It was “dedication” day for the church.  There were four families who brought their children to the front for dedication.  The pastor made an effort to challenge us to think of this as a dedication of the parents rather than of the infants (splitting heirs, I know!) and gave a good challenge to be active in raising children to faith.  However, as an opening to his sermon he gave some effort to argue against those of the “other” persuasions who see that more than mere dedication is needed (pssst!  That would be we PCA-ers [Oh!  And the more errant group and not-too-far-from-We-PCA-ers!]). 

He began with these three points:

1)  NOT Biblical!

2)  NOT Historical!!

3)  NOT Sacramental!!!

(end marks mine!!!!!)

To the first, he gives the typical baptist retort, “There is no NT command to baptise babies.”

To the second, he says that there is no historical evidence for any practise of paedobaptism until the 4th century (and even then we don’t know why they started!!) [end marks mine again]

To the third, he defines a sacrament as a way “to earn God’s grace” and then uses(!) the Lord’s sanction of the Supper (Do this in rememberance of me) as evidence that baptism is a mnemonic device.  That is, baptism is not a sacrament whereby God’s love and favour are communicated to the recipient (by faith) but merely a way in which the believer remembers what Jesus did for him. 

Now, I tried my darndest not to be critical of the sermon and to take with me what the Lord would have me hear….BUT I couldn’t help think of our (PCA) own views on this blessed occasion.  I was led to think of these questions that I will pose to you for discussion. 

1)  How would you have reacted to this sermon had you been present? 

2)  Would you have questioned your church heritage?  (BTW, not to be challenged in any way would be an act of sheer arrogance and ignorance at the same time.  One must always be evaluating his own position in order to better defend and establish it.)

A)  Would we disagree with any of these points?

B)  With what would we differ?

C)  How is what we do and say in our sacramental worship any different than a Baptist “baby dedication”?

What say you?

What would you say?

November 7, 2007

If you were visiting a church from out of town and the session required visitors to give evidence of their faith before communing, how would you answer their query?

Why do you want to celebrate the Eucharist (Good Grace or Gift)?