In lieu of…..

November 11, 2007

Since I didn’t show up for City’s Gate worship this morning but stayed in the area to attend my in-laws’ church (they were serving piping hot smashed spuds and all the fixins afterwards), I thought I would pontificate a bit on a conversation I had with a friend yesterday.

We were talking (at one point) about decision making.  “How does one know what God wants one to do about….”  Now, these were not moral issues of right or wrong but of indiscriminate issues of “this job” or “that wife.”  Now that last one needs clarified, right?

My premise is sustained by Augustine.  He says to love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and then to… whatever you want.

Let that sink in.  Do you feel the “kabod”, the weight, the glory?  As in the words of Marty McFly, “Whoa, Doc, that’s heavy!”

My friend was asking, How do I choose a job?  whether I do this or that? which girl for a wife?

My answer was simple: do what you want.  Do you want that job?  Do you want to move?  Do you like her enough to…?

Is it that simple?  I say, yes.  It is that profound.


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